About Me


My name is Marc Weitz, I have studied Cognitive Science at the university of Tuebingen and am engaged in scientific programming, statistical analysis, machine learning, cognitive and computer science and web development. On this site I want to present you some work I have done or I am currently working on.

Many of my projects are open source and free to everyone to use. After years of consuming free and open sourced software I am happy to give something back to the incredible open source community. So if you like some of my work feel free to fork and enhance it. If you have any question please contact me!

I am 23 years old and grew up in Butzbach, Germany. In 2013 I started studying Cognitive Science in Tuebingen graduating 2017 as Bachelor of Science. During my studies I was engaged in many social and political groups such as the student association and many university committees.

In my spare time I am a passionate hiker. I love the nature and the mountains and spend a lot of time exploring them. Especially, I fall for the northern countries of Scandinavia. Besides hiking I like to ride bicycle, play badminton and go boulder.